Over the past few decades universities, educators and students have watched education tools come and go. The failure of these tools to work properly results in a failure of educators to adopt them as solutions. Usually these failures are caused by hardware errors, poor data security, or general difficulty of use. Attend is the first software application that monitors individual participation and progress displaying student comprehension analytics in real-time. This allows educators and students to predict their GPA’s immediately and in real-time.

Typically Gen-ed courses have a larger number of students making it difficult for even the best educators to foster inclusive classrooms while monitoring the progress and feedback of each individual. In recent years the most utilized solution to this problem has been plastic clicker remotes. While clickers have proven to be an effective way to gather data and engage students, unfortunately they are not entirely reliable.

The obvious solution to this problem is the smartphone. Utilizing smart phones, laptops, and tablets to engage students, offers educators control of their student’s largest distraction and offers the easiest possible integration for everyone. Educators who have made the best of clickers will find that Attend can securely run real-time classroom polls, quizzes, and assignments. Register and sign up for Attend now and in the new year. Attend is currently being used by hundreds of students and educators for studying, real-time quizzes, polls, progress prediction, and attendance monitoring.


The Attend Suite

Check out Attend at getattendance.com to experiment with our suite of multi-purpose tools for educators and presenters. Company Information and various other topics can be found at considercode.com.

For any questions reach out to contact@considercode.com, or follow and direct message one of our social media accounts, @getattendance (FB, LI, and IG).


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