This spotlight series will serve as a brief overview of Attend feature updates, and info to come. We are working with educators and students around the clock to curate new and necessary features for the Attend classroom(now Attend Beta version 2.5!). In the first week that Attend Beta has been publicly available it has been utilized to poll classrooms for new and old users alike.   Simultaneously, the release of the Attend Beta v2.4 last Monday began the first public development cycle. Tremendous user feedback has already culminated in the next release of features in this weeks update, Attend Beta v2.5.

Attend Beta v2.5 arrives with multi-chart analytics display!

Among other features now available to educators of all class types, multi-chart analytics display enhances the polls sent to students. Multi-chart analytics puts the educator in control and gives flexible, real-time, display options depending on the launched question type, speed, or gamification.

The word tree is just one of three graphs used to display text data for the Open-Ended question type.


Utilizing Attend in the classroom fosters energy, engagement, and information retention. The  immediacy of Attend’s real-time analytics helps educators to paint a clear picture of the current class comprehension, while being logged for future use in the grade book. This multi-chart display enhances educator’s ability to harness smartphones for engagement data at desired points throughout their lectures. Adding several relevant data display types allows every educator to become a statistician for their own content. Currently the user favorite data display type comes with open ended question responses, displayed above and below.

The 2-D word cloud is a responsive display of what students are submitting the most.

Different display options matter so much because no students are alike, and certain visualizations may not be as enlightening or powerful to certain students or material types. Response data is more valuable when you can easily make sense of it in the moment. The Attend classroom continues to grow ensuring many Attend Feature spotlights to come.


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