Regardless of the discipline or grade level the goal of the educator is the same: inspire and ensure their students’ understanding of the covered subject material.

In higher education settings, the traditional style of lecturing showcases the educator’s prepared slides along with interjected questions, prepared examples, or brief asides. However, there may be difficulty in pinpointing certain problem areas or subtle sources of confusion. Knowing this, an effective educator not only shares their acquired expertise but also anticipates and attempts to bridge gaps in their students’ understanding.

On the educator side one can select a question or prompt variant.

The team behind the Attend platform understands this and seeks to provide additional, effective tools to the educator’s arsenal. Educators can use Attend’s polling feature to augment their lectures or recitation sessions with customized question types and data analytics as appropriate.

As seen above the educator can use this feature to survey the room to gather a sense of the comprehension of each member of their audience. The results are immediately converted into graphs and easy to interpret after class in the grade book. This knowledge is another tool to help guide educators on how best to focus topics which they hope to communicate, while inspiring engaging discourse. Educators can use this gathered information in order to better tailor future lectures, labs, exams, projects, and other assignments.

When a poll goes live, students can submit their responses or enter a chat with the instructor.

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