Another key component of the Attend platform is the real-time classroom chat. By utilizing this classroom chat students can open a direct line of communication with their educator in real time. This feature is private in that educators can chat directly with all students in their classroom at once, yet each student can only view their own direct conversation with the educator. The classroom chat provides an additional channel for dialogue between students and educators.  This feature has proven useful in several contexts.

Classroom Chat as seen on the educator dashboard

Educators can send information or updates once at the beginning of class, leaving a notification waiting for students in their chat when they arrive to class. If a student has a question or comment, but does not wish to “break the flow” of the educator in the middle of lecturing, they can send a direct message in the chat. Another use being for students who are taking an exam or a poll that need immediate attention from an educator or teachers assistant. Whatever the use may be, the classroom chat does not seek to supplant normal discourse in the classroom, rather to enhance accessibility wherever possible.

Classroom Chat as seen on the student dashboard

Whether it is questions or feedback, a good dialogue between educators and their students should be a common facet. The Attend platform seeks to promote this need and seeks to foster communication for a better education experience.


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