The next feature we wish to showcase in the Attend platform is the educator’s in-app Grade Book. This feature allows teachers to review their students’ performance during polls and assessments assigned in the past. The data available includes the information pertaining to the actual questions or assignments asked along with each student’s individual answer (date, question type, list of possible answers, point value assigned, etc.).

Educators can navigate from the dashboard to the grade book to view previous assessments from the calendar.

This data can be viewed in the calendar or the list format. This serves to de-clutter physical records and streamline the process of logging, reviewing, and assessing the performance of the classroom. An educator simply selects the desired assessment to review polls from a particular day.

Alternatively educators can view launched assessments listed by time of launch.

With the Attend platform, analyzing completed polls and assessments is straightforward, allowing educators to identify which students are struggling and need study help.The information pertaining to the student’s answers is exportable in a variety of formats to serve the recording needs of the educator. The current available formats are CSV, Excel, and PDF.

“Response Data” provides a breakdown of each student’s answer for each question of the selected assessment.

Experiment and explore the capabilities of the Attend platform to see how you can foster more inclusive classrooms and catalog student performance with ease.


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