Security

Today we focus on one of Attend’s security features, Google Authentication.

Google authentication simultaneously serves two purposes. First, is to lower the barrier of entry to our trusted customers down to three clicks. The second is to raise the barrier between our application’s trusted users and unwanted users, or spam responses. This may not seem complex but without authentication anyone could sign into any classroom with a real or fake email. Nobody wants to deal with an extra class hassle of anonymous trolls.

Educator Log In Page

Data Privacy Compliance

By having google authentication as our form of sign-in we eliminate the chance of bots crashing the system. However more importantly this ensures that students end up in the correct classrooms, and student data privacy stays secure. Fortunately google doesn’t permit anyone under the age of 13 to make an account so this authentication concurrently ensures that Attend complies with COPPA, SOPIPA, and FERPA. Student and educator data security and privacy will always be the highest priority.

Google Authentication

Simple Sign-in

While google authentication clearly serves as a security feature it also makes the process of registering, and signing in as easy as possible. Soon to be added will be Microsoft and Facebook authentication as well, followed by a LinkedIn option for our customer feedback system. However these additional log-ins will not make it more complicated to get started, keeping it at only three clicks to use the app. Navigate to the educator log-in page then click educator and sign in with your google credential. Last but not least, create your Educator Username. This username also acts as the name of your digital classroom, so make it easy, because students will need to enter your educator username to enter your classroom.

Username Creation


The Attend Suite

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