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we wish to showcase is right in our name! The live attendance feature is a handy tool that captures the active presence of students participating in class along with the educator. This can be in the form of classroom discussions via the chat or through responding to prompted questions through educator created polls.

The list of students connected to current session as visible from the educator’s dashboard.

Some educators may dedicate the first couple of minutes of class to taking roll. However, marking attendance can be quick and seamless with the advent of the Attend platform as the information pertaining to the students (currently, name and email address) is available for export in several different formats; educators can easily observe and update their attendance records from the dashboard or when issuing a poll as seen below:

The list of students are also visible from the set of previously launched polls (“Poll 3” was launched as an example).

Through the live attendance feature the Attend platform de-clutters the educator’s set of physical records and logistical tasks. This allows for the educator to effectively focus on teaching when inside the classroom and prepare for the next lesson when outside the classroom.

The same list of students present in the example session can be instantly accessed in several exportable formats, such as excel.

The Attend Suite

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