In this feature we would like to emphasize the documentation capabilities that the Attend platform affords its users. Educators can utilize the exporting feature to record student attendance and their performance on previously launched quizzes or assessments in a variety of file formats.


Documentation is an absolutely necessary part of the education process; the progress or lack thereof of the attending students throughout a course must be measured and recorded so that educators can understand how effective they are at conveying pertinent information. The process of actually reviewing student work, grading assessments, and distributing said assessments back to students can be refined to a couple of mouse clicks by leveraging the Attend platform.

Methods of Exporting

Retrieving recorded data on either attendance or launched questions (referred to on the platform as “Attendance Data” and “Response Data” respectively) is possible from several locations on the dashboard. One option for data exporting includes opening up the calendar and selecting a date on which a session was created or a poll was launched:

Data is accessible from selected polls from the calendar.

One can also navigate the list of launched assessments directly to review previous instances in which a particular quiz or examination was launched and extract the Attendance and Response Data. It is trivial to switch between the calendar or list view from the “Lecture Recordings” window:

Data is also accessible from the list of launched polls.


Exporting Example

An pictorial example of downloading Attendance Data and Response Data as Excel files can be seen below:

Click on an option in the top bar to export Attendance Data.


A full list of students who completed the launched poll or who are present during a session can be seen in an excel file.


After selecting a particular poll one can select from the top bar the format for exporting Response Data.
The full list of students’ responses to each question of the poll along with the point value assigned to their answer can be seen in excel format.

Currently the supported file formats for downloading and exporting include CSV (comma separated values), Excel, and PDF. One can also copy the this data or print it out directly. Through the exportation feature the Attend platform seeks to help educators carry out their preferred method of bookkeeping with greater ease.

The Attend Suite

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