The Rotation Model

One of the most explored sets of blended learning models are the “Rotation Models”. The next few weeks we will continue to explore all working variations of the rotation model as well as all of the other popular blended learning models. The rotational models focus on brick and mortar, tech assisted learning. The first variation we are defining is “Individual Rotation”.

Individual Rotation

Individual Rotation is a blended learning model in which each student in a class is assigned a personalized schedule of daily learning activities to complete. Students may or may not rotate through all the available segments of the designed course depending on their individual needs or assignments. Additionally, the stations and students’ agendas may be set by the teacher or set by an algorithm. Often individual rotation models use education technology to vary daily learning activities, and students are assigned as little take home work as possible. The goal here is to keep students stimulated and engaged in ways that are personal to them.

Blended Learning: Individual Rotation
Blended Learning: Individual Rotation


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